Welcome to our website!

We are glad that you are here, interested in our work. Our first blog post is about us, a detailed version of the “About us” page.

We are a team of young Romanian lawyers that started this website because we are competitive and we can do a very good job providing legal information.

We became lawyers because we want to make a difference. And we are doing it right now!

As members of Bucharest Bar, we worked so far in other legal companies that offered us great experiences and teaching. Because we wanted to cover all the activities a lawyer can do, we kept it small and comprehensive, we developed our skills and improved our university learning by working with smart lawyers in small or mid-sized law firms, who took the time and patience to show us the backstage of the reality of the legal system.

We especially learned that a lawyer cannot know everything a client asks, but a good lawyer doesn’t give up until he finds all the answers. This includes a thoroughgoing study of the legal problem and a lot of work doubled by passion for profession, with a very good result coming from it. And this is reflected in the client’s contentment.

This is the outcome that we seek and are trained to obtain.

We combine our talent in representing the clients in court with good advisory competences, so we can offer full legal services. Because no problem is only about litigation or only about legal advice, a litigator needs to know how to read the legal documents and how to bend them, as much as a legal adviser must predict the disputes that may arise from a legal document he is preparing, so he can avoid it.

Also, we started this website because we have a goal: to raise awareness and the standards in the legal field. We believe that qualitative law services can be offered for reasonable fees, and that is why we are constantly seeking for methods to do it. This includes the technology that we use to always be in touch with our clients and the legal tools for reducing our work time.

For more information, you can find us on social media.


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