Start-up Nation Romania – Updates!

The implementation schedule and the new score for Start-up Nation Romania Program have been published.

According to this program the entrepreneurs with new businesses may obtain government support of 200.000 RON.

As the implementation schedule shows, registration will be done during May-June 2017, only online, no paper files required.

Along with the implementation schedule some new information regarding the program have been announced:

  • IT programming and production businesses will be favored;
  • will be awarded government support of 200.000 RON for companies that create a job;
  • will be eligible micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) established after January 30, 2017;
  • companies that will create at least two jobs, which will engage the fresh-graduates, those who will make 50% of expenditure on technological equipment  and those that will do innovative business will receive extra points.
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