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Startup – First thing about naming it

If you decide to open a startup in Romania the first thing that you will need to do is to obtain the name reservation for the new company. As simple this may appear, even if you find a great name doesn’t mean that you can register it as your startup name.

The basic rules for startup names

According to the Romanian law, the start up name must be written in Latin characters, primarily in the Romanian language, and not confused with other companies or previously registered names. It’s very important to know that the exclusive right of use for your startup’s name is acquired only by registering it in the trade register.

You can register a startup name only if it is available and distinctive. Now the real problem begins. The distinctiveness of the company name is appreciated both from the point of view of the writing and words order of the company name.

Distinctiveness is a B***h

To clear things up, the law provides that the following are not elements of distinctiveness:

  1. the articulation of words;
  2. reversing the order of the words that belonged to a registered or reserved company;
  3. doubling one or more of the letters or figures that belonged to a registered or reserved company;
  4. the addition or deletion of adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, numbers, punctuation marks;
  5. abbreviations that are not likely to change the meaning of the designation;
  6. the use of different words from a semantic point of view, but with the same phonetics, or abbreviations of the words belonging to a registered or reserved company; or symbols equivalent to letters and words, for example, @, #,% etc .;
  7. the use / non-use of diacritics;
  8. adding, removing or replacing a part of the registered or reserved name;
  9. the use of the words “group”, “holding”, “company”, “trust”, “com”;
  10. adding the word “Romania” regardless of the language used.

If you need any details regarding the name reservation, please use our contact page.