Certificate for urban planning – legal clarifications

The certificate for urban planning, the nemesis of the project managers

The abroad investors have always complained about how difficult is to start a real estate project in Bucharest. The urban planning certificate is one of the documents that usually delays all real estate projects.

Therefore, this is why the Government has decided to bring some clarifications on this subject. After the meeting that took place on 31st of May, the Government has approved an Emergency Ordinance.

Thus, the E.O. clarifies the competence of issuance of urban planning certificates and building permits for local public administration authorities in Bucharest.

Still, this is not the only amendment in real estate. As stated before, the Romanian Government has approved the amendment of H.G. no. 273/1994 regarding the reception of the construction works and related installations. We wrote about this subject here.

How the urban planning amendments will help?

Basically, the ordinance updates art. 4 para. (1) letter c) and d) of Law no. 50/1991 regarding the authorization for execution of the construction works.

According to this new regulations, the procedure for issuing urban planning certificates and building permits clearly divides the attributions between the General mayor and the departments mayors of Bucharest.

So this is how the Government thinks that will banish the functional blocking of the administration authorities in Bucharest. We will wait to see the results and hope for the best.