EU funds for Agro hostels – special condition applied to start-ups

In sub-measures 6.2 and 6.4 respectively of the National Rural Development Program (RDP) for non-agricultural rural businesses can be obtained European funds worth between 70,000 euro and 200,000 euro. One popular business for these type of funds is the agro hostels.

For the RDP sub-measure 6.2 – “Support for the establishment of non-agricultural activities in rural areas” is provided a budget of 18.3 million euros for the projects that will finance different non-agricultural rural business.

According to the applicant’s guide in sub-measures 6.2 there are many conditions for obtaining this type of financing. However there is one special condition for start-ups that must be fulfilled for obtaining the funding: the shareholder that has the absolute majority (holding 50% + 1 / shares of the applicant) must prove that has conducted agricultural activity at the time of submission of the application.

This condition regards the previous experience of the applicant, condition that applies also to start-ups.

Draft budget for 2017

The Romanian Ministry of Finance has issued a press release regarding the draft budget for 2017.

According to the press release, the European funds for 2014-2020 has been foreseen as follows:

  • 4.441 bln. Euro – funds for European cohesion policy;
  • 1.18 bln. Euros – funds for the National Rural Development Programs;
  • 1.8 bln. Euros – funds for farmers in the common agricultural policy.

The complete press release of the Ministry of Finance can be found here.