2017 special tax for accommodations and food industry companies

The new year came with a very important amendment to the tax regime in Romania.

The Law. no. 170/2016 stipulates that the companies that have in their articles of incorporation activities regarding accommodation of the tourists, restaurants, catering, or the selling of any kind of drinks, must pay a different tax than they paid before.

This means that they will not pay anymore a tax related to the revenue or profit, but it will be calculated using a formula with more variables, such as the value of the standard tax, the ranking of the town where the activity is driven, the area where the activity is developed, seasonality, adjustment for technical space of the business.

This kind of amendment eliminates the problem that the fiscal authorities encountered so far in collecting the taxes, related to the non-issuing the fiscal documents that stated the commercial activity these companies developed. Therefore, the firms will pay taxes no matter their declared revenue was that year.

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